User recognition

Smart home devices have improved at a tremendous rate in the past decade and is predicted to grow even more by 2020. Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence together is transforming the user experience and the ways our devices interact. Human intervention seems to be diminishing, and smart devices are taking autonomous decisions. Home devices, hardware, security systems and entertainment devices have been becoming more intelligent with the help of high-speed internet and the ability to collect and analyse data along with applications of machine learning. Here are a few factors by which IoT can shape the future of Home Automation Industry.

Platform Independent Control

Independent Control

Utility products such as Air conditioners, Thermostats, Washing Machines, Refrigerators and water sprinklers have a switch-operated on-&-off  system. These appliances can be controlled with remote controls and voice commands through smart wearables and web platforms. They can then be easily operated from any part of the world. Also will time the platforms will gradually standardise to allow all manufacturers to develop smart products which can interconnect with other brands.

Self-aware, self-diagnosing devices

All the smart products will soon become self-diagnosing. The devices will receive regular updates to automatically. The devices can run a system scan and troubleshoot the issues. In case of more dysfunctioning, it will notify the manufacturers for an appointment to service. In addition to that, appliances will know when their components are getting over and order new ones on their own. Also, the refrigerators can identity the stock getting over can inform you to order the same.

User recognition

With AI, smartphone devices can know their users with voice and face recognition. Soon the smart appliances will also have the same features which will help them to only follow the commands of their masters. Homes will be able to recognise and welcome their owners and welcome them. With video doorbells, owners can get to know who is waiting outside their homes from any part of the world. The house will see the presence of a human in any corner. Any break-ins will be reported to the police immediately, which provides better security.

Entertainment Systems at home

With advancements in entertainment, the home theatres can play the music when you get back from home. The music system, lighting, and blinds can work together to make a perfect blend of ambience for users. Voice assistants will be able to follow the commands of changing music and customising the scene accordingly.


It will help make your house an efficient, eco-friendly home. A smart home will be able to manage its temperature, energy consumption and everything will be trackable to come up with better ideas to operate the devices. It will save the extra expenses on electricity as well as provide an automatic environment according to the schedules and settings of the users.

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