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With the advancements in technology, visually impaired people can benefit from smart homes. There are several improvements in homes which can improve their quality of life with the help of simple operations.

Smart lighting

The most important thing that visually impaired people are looking for is the right tone of light, which can help them read. Smart lightings can easily help solve this issue as these systems have more than 65000 different shades of white, which ensures optimum light and less glare.

Voice assistant

Voice assistant

It has never been easier to get access to your favourite books and music. If you correctly configure your voice assistant it will allow you to request your books or the music to play in a certain part of your house.

Control the heating with voice commands

This is one of the most efficient ways of controlling your temperature and also energy where you can command your thermostat to set to a certain degree to ensure your comfort.

Get notifications of any unexpected events

There are many smart home technologies which can help you get an audible notification of a water leak or any unexpected events of your home, which can help you fix the issue almost instantly.

Voice-activated phone calls

You can also command you voice assistant to help you call someone or ask for information on local services and get connected to them via a phone call almost instantly.

Using voice assistant to get information on news and weather update

It is important for anyone to get information on what is going on in the local market and with the help of voice assistant, you can easily get access to this information.

Voice notifications of smoke detectors

Smart smoke detectors can easily be connected to many devices in the family to help ensure everyone’s safety. These smoke detectors can sense fire or CO2 and warn you with the help of sirens to prevent any injury.

Use your voice assistant as a reminder

assistant as a reminder

One easy way to help you manage your life is by allowing your voice assistant to create a calendar for you which can help remind you to do regular tasks or to notify you in case of important appointments.

Maintain the garden

One easy way to get you gardens done is to get a robot lawnmower which can help maintain the garden. There are smart sprinklers available, where you can pre-set the time for sprinkling the garden.

Keep your home clean

There are robot hoovers available which can take care of your floor cleaning, robot window cleaners which cleans your windows for you or any glass surface in general. This smart home feature can help you effectively clean your house.


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