The Step Toward What Is Referred To As The IoT, In Which Everything Has Monitored & Accessed Remotely.

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Echo Smart Home Devices

If you are looking to improve your lifestyle a smart home will make your life a lot more easier.

Wink Hub Products

Smart home products from Wink hub can be the best products if you are looking to make your home smart.

Universal Remote Control

If you are fed up with the hassle for looking for various remotes, we have the right answer for you a universal remote control.

DIY Home Security System

One of the first thing you should care for when it comes to making your home smart is to add the right home security system.

Smart Camera

A smart camera can make everything easier when it comes to home security.

Smart Locks

Safeguard you house when by adding a smart lock to keep all the intruders away.

Benefits Of Home Automation System

Smart home tech

These smart home tech can make you lead a very stress-free lifestyle.

customizable plans

You can pre-programme your software to ensure that your house is set before you arrive.

monthly contracts

You can take up monthly contracts where we can help you keep the system up to date.

Lifetime Guarantee

A smart home automation can make your life easier that you might not want to go back.

14 Years Experience

We at Clever Castles have 14 years of experience of improving lifestyles.

free installations

After you have selected from our range of products, we can make it easier for you with our free installation services.

Innovation In Home Appliances

Smart home appliances can make things work smarter for you from coffee maker to the air conditioner.

Highest Quality Home Theater & Audio

A smart needs to have a quality home theatre and audio which will make everything visually and aesthetically pleasing.

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Smart Products

7 Compatible Smart Products That Will Simplify Your Life

Nowadays, people are trying to make their lives easier by taking help from devices to help get their work done for them. There are many products in the market that will work for your if told. Here is a list of seven compatible smart products to help simplify your life.

Your personal assistant

This is one of the most popular trends right now, where you can control this smart product through voice activation. Products like Amazon Echo and Dot and delivering voice-controlled assistants, which can help deliver superb voice control, and gives you access to information. Also, these smart products can simplify your life by allowing you to control lights, thermostat, locks and video doorbells.

Phillips Hue 3rd gen smart bulb

smart bulb Phillips Hue 3rd generation smart bulb is an RGBW which has a feature where you can opt for a simple light or choose from the colours which can accent your home well. This 3rd generation features allows you to have vibrant colours. This is a good option to have around your home to accentuate your house's features; you can even voice control with the help of your house assistant, a convenient choice for everyone.

Lightify garden spot smart outdoor lights

This is a coloured outdoor lighting system manufactured by Osram; it is a nine pre-wired RGB bulb which runs for about 14 feet and foot and quarter of space in between them. You can control this light with the help of your android or iOS devices. This is a very inexpensive way of creating a cool ambience on the lawn or patio, which can exaggerate the features of your house.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Learning Thermostat This Nest learning thermostat is a 3rd generation update which is a trendsetter from the day it originally started. It connects to your home's Wifi and delivers a wide range of automated features which can keep your comfort level high or low.

Schlage Camelot 619 Smart lock

Schlage Camelot is a Z-wave based lock which has a scheduled automated lock system which you can pre-programme to lock itself at a certain time of the day or night. It also comes with a key to use in case of emergencies like power outrage or blackouts. These locks are even accessible with the help of Alexa.

Skybell HD Video Doorbell

Skybell HD Video Doorbell This is a Skybell HD video doorbell which is equipped with a motion sensor and an HD camera. This doorbell offers a free video-hosting with no additional fees. Also, these motion sensors have additional features which do not go off on every passing human or car.

WEMO In-Wall outlets

Having an in wall outlets to access your existing wall outlets can be a great solution for renters. WEMO In-wall outlets will give you easily access via voice or phone command. This WEMO insight has a power strip which can easily connect to your TV or speakers with the help of a simple command.  
Home Tips

Top 10 Smart Home Tips For The Visually Impaired

With the advancements in technology, visually impaired people can benefit from smart homes. There are several improvements in homes which can improve their quality of life with the help of simple operations.

Smart lighting

The most important thing that visually impaired people are looking for is the right tone of light, which can help them read. Smart lightings can easily help solve this issue as these systems have more than 65000 different shades of white, which ensures optimum light and less glare.

Voice assistant

Voice assistant It has never been easier to get access to your favourite books and music. If you correctly configure your voice assistant it will allow you to request your books or the music to play in a certain part of your house.

Control the heating with voice commands

This is one of the most efficient ways of controlling your temperature and also energy where you can command your thermostat to set to a certain degree to ensure your comfort.

Get notifications of any unexpected events

There are many smart home technologies which can help you get an audible notification of a water leak or any unexpected events of your home, which can help you fix the issue almost instantly.

Voice-activated phone calls

You can also command you voice assistant to help you call someone or ask for information on local services and get connected to them via a phone call almost instantly.

Using voice assistant to get information on news and weather update

It is important for anyone to get information on what is going on in the local market and with the help of voice assistant, you can easily get access to this information.

Voice notifications of smoke detectors

Smart smoke detectors can easily be connected to many devices in the family to help ensure everyone’s safety. These smoke detectors can sense fire or CO2 and warn you with the help of sirens to prevent any injury.

Use your voice assistant as a reminder

assistant as a reminder One easy way to help you manage your life is by allowing your voice assistant to create a calendar for you which can help remind you to do regular tasks or to notify you in case of important appointments.

Maintain the garden

One easy way to get you gardens done is to get a robot lawnmower which can help maintain the garden. There are smart sprinklers available, where you can pre-set the time for sprinkling the garden.

Keep your home clean

There are robot hoovers available which can take care of your floor cleaning, robot window cleaners which cleans your windows for you or any glass surface in general. This smart home feature can help you effectively clean your house.  
Home Systems

The Best Smart Home Systems for 2019

While picking the latest technology home systems, you need to consider which one is good or bad depending on its components and customer reviews. You also need to make sure if the device is compatible for your home or not, as it will go waste if you purchase an Alexa and there is no internet connection at your place. Or if the devices are not able to interconnect to each other because of the difference in brands, it’s pointless. So considering the factors of availability of requirements and the quality of the product, let us look at the best smart home devices which are available in the market today.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is probably the smartest smart home ecosystems available to people today. It is now available in several devices such as thermostats, televisions and Amazon echo. It is easy to control and works over voice command. Alexa can perform several tasks such as predicting the weather, playing music, turning light off and on. Amazon’s Alexa is compatible with many companies such as Philips, Samsung, Nest, which meaning Alexa can do a lot more than setting your alarm.

Google Assistant

Google is an equal competitor to Alexa for providing a home system called Google Assistant. Google has less third-party integrations, which is the only reason it stands in the second spot. Other than that, Google Assistant can more answer to more commands and questions than Alexa due to Google’s major ownership of the search engine space. Assistant can integrate with brands such as Philips, Belkin, August, Nest and also apps such as Spotify and Uber.

Wink Hub 2

Wink Hub 2 It is an opensource version of home systems which is capable of picking different smart products and merge them seamlessly with one another. It is typically designed for mainstream consumers. Wink Hub 2 can support Bluetooth LE, Kidde, Lutron ClearConnect, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, etc. You can easily install a fully functional system for your living room or kitchen and control all the lightings and hardware with the Wink Hub app on your smartphone.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

SmartThings Hub is a smart home system which can integrate a wide range of smart devices from several brands. It has a wall-mount and can get full access to the devices connected to it through SmartThings application on your smartphone. Samsung has been growing its artificial intelligence for the past few years, and the Hub’s product lineup has expanded to add Wi-Fi plug, Lightbulb, and SmartThings Cam. With SmartThings hub you can control to smart devices to do various tasks such as turning the light on or off when you walk in or out of the room, it can understand voice commands and can also integrate Amazon Alexa and Google Assitant to the system.    
appliances and hardware

What Is Home Automation and How Does it Work?

Home automation is the control of the appliances and hardware of your home with a remote or even your smartphone. With the help internet, you can turn on and off any utilities at your home for safety and savings on electricity bills. Earlier it was applied on programmable devices like sprinkler systems and door locks, but now the technology is available in nearly everything in your house such as lights, appliances, electrical outlets, Air Conditioners, home theatres etc. For home security, it includes alarm system, windows, locks, smokes detectors, surveillance cameras, etc.

How does it work?

programmed Home automation is a programmed interface of hardware, communication, and electronic interfaces connected via internet to control everyday devices at your home. Each device has sensors connected to their functioning, which is connected to wifi, which can be controlled by your smartphones even from miles away. It will allow you to turn on and off the hardware and lightings and also change settings in most advanced cases. The main elements of a home automation system are sensors, controllers, and actuators. Sensors monitor their surroundings for any changes such as temperature, daylight, or motion detection and deliver it to you. You can then adjust the settings according to your requirement. Controllers are the devices which are used to operate the automation system. It can be software on your laptop or an application on your smartphone or tablet. It can also be an exclusive remote control designed specifically for home automation. The controllers help to send and receive signals and messages about the status of automated devices at your home. Actuators is the part of the device which controls all the mechanism to function on users command. It may be switches, motors, or motorised valves which control the actual hardware. They are programmed to be activated on a user’s commands form a controller.

What are the benefits?

benefits Home automation is supposed to make the life of people easier by handles the devices at home, which can consume the time of people. For example, if you know that the time to close the windows at night is 8 ‘o’ clock every day, you will have to do it manually each day. But, with automation, you can set as a schedule where the windows shut down on their own at the right time so you can invest that little amount on time in something else. Here are some of the other benefits of a home automation system. Preprogramming your thermostat with your preferred settings will always keep the temperature in check so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature all the time. Set up speakers to play music when you enter the home or in the morning. Adjust your lights according to your mood or occasion. It helps in saving a lot of time worrying about appliances that you forgot to turn off before you left your home or even forgot to lock the door properly. You can relieve yourself from this stress and focus on other things. Smart fire detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, pressure sensors and other security features like locks can protect your home from disasters and robberies. Home automation will also allow you to be more energy-efficient and save a lot on your home bills.  
User recognition

5 Ways IoT Can Shape the Future of Home Automation

Smart home devices have improved at a tremendous rate in the past decade and is predicted to grow even more by 2020. Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence together is transforming the user experience and the ways our devices interact. Human intervention seems to be diminishing, and smart devices are taking autonomous decisions. Home devices, hardware, security systems and entertainment devices have been becoming more intelligent with the help of high-speed internet and the ability to collect and analyse data along with applications of machine learning. Here are a few factors by which IoT can shape the future of Home Automation Industry.

Platform Independent Control

Independent Control Utility products such as Air conditioners, Thermostats, Washing Machines, Refrigerators and water sprinklers have a switch-operated on-&-off  system. These appliances can be controlled with remote controls and voice commands through smart wearables and web platforms. They can then be easily operated from any part of the world. Also will time the platforms will gradually standardise to allow all manufacturers to develop smart products which can interconnect with other brands.

Self-aware, self-diagnosing devices

All the smart products will soon become self-diagnosing. The devices will receive regular updates to automatically. The devices can run a system scan and troubleshoot the issues. In case of more dysfunctioning, it will notify the manufacturers for an appointment to service. In addition to that, appliances will know when their components are getting over and order new ones on their own. Also, the refrigerators can identity the stock getting over can inform you to order the same.

User recognition

With AI, smartphone devices can know their users with voice and face recognition. Soon the smart appliances will also have the same features which will help them to only follow the commands of their masters. Homes will be able to recognise and welcome their owners and welcome them. With video doorbells, owners can get to know who is waiting outside their homes from any part of the world. The house will see the presence of a human in any corner. Any break-ins will be reported to the police immediately, which provides better security.

Entertainment Systems at home

With advancements in entertainment, the home theatres can play the music when you get back from home. The music system, lighting, and blinds can work together to make a perfect blend of ambience for users. Voice assistants will be able to follow the commands of changing music and customising the scene accordingly.


It will help make your house an efficient, eco-friendly home. A smart home will be able to manage its temperature, energy consumption and everything will be trackable to come up with better ideas to operate the devices. It will save the extra expenses on electricity as well as provide an automatic environment according to the schedules and settings of the users.